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oh, my gosh! what a beautiful way to start the morning. it's july 28th, it's thursday morning, we're almost to friday. jessica kartalija, in for don
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scott this morning. we'll get to sharon in a second, here's tim. well, you're looking out over a bright horizon. the official sunrise is 6:04. as we're waking up, your head may be spinning a little bit. we're seeing the temperatures going up rapidly. 69 degrees is the temperature at bwi. 63 in oakland and 73 in ocean city. code orange air quality alert for central maryland. the eastern shore is exempt from that. temperatures today, going up to 92 degrees and overnight lows around 72, we'll be up near triple digits tomorrow. 98-degrees is the forecasted high. all right, tim, thank you. now, over to sharon gibala. >> hi, jessica, good morning, everyone. still a great morning on the roads. everything is at full speed and
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well beyond. in fact, there's a live look outside at the eastside of the beltway. you can see, it's empty. we're looking at a beautiful sunrise. everything's running smoothly on 50 as well. there's a look at 97. remember, wjz is always on, for more, go to here's what people will be talking about today. ash prostitution ring busted in baltimore county near an elementary school. wjz is live, andrea fujii is outside of the house in overly where the police say it all happened. >> reporter: good morning, jessica and everyone. the prosecutors say that the girls involved traveled thousands of miles to be here. all were working as sex slaves. inside an unassuming house, women were forced to sell their bodies in an international sex ring. this is from a house in
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pennsylvania. one of four home that that the women were shuffled around in. >> it was a massage parlor, but it was always open at night. >> reporter: it's the elite spa. women came from china, korea and other asian countries. >> you can put two and two together and assume what's going on. >> reporter: customers paid $50 to $60 an hour and the women were only allowed to keep tips. this morning, five people are in custody. in the investigation, the police seized several expensive assets including two brand-new cars. >> the five arrested are charged with several felonies. a baltimore man will be in prison for killing an off duty
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police officer in a dispute over a parking space. he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. james said he was fearing for his life. a national guardsman will spend the rest of his life behind bars. he'll spend life in prison for slaying an unarmed afghan citizen. the man wouldn't answer questions and the defense attorneys will appeal. an eastern shore doctor is accused of performing unnecessary heart operations. mike hellgren has more information. >> reporter: this doctor faces prison time after he was convicted of defrauding medicare and medicaid.
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the government also accused him of placing unnecessary stints in 200 patients. this is the latest of a national debate over whether stints are overused and whether the manufactures have relationships with doctors that are too coz de. this delegate places strict safe guards on all operations. >> we're confident there are good standards and people are held accountable. >> if there's a period of process, it can be taken to conformance with the law. >> reporter: it exploded after this man said he performed several unnecessary heart operations at st. josephs. >> i did what i would want for
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myself. >> reporter: the board stripped him of his license. he's not facing criminal charges. he doesn't deserve to have his license. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney wants this doctor to pay back $700,000. this delegate wants to make sure all patients feel safe. people have to be assured and have confidence that things are done for the right reason. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney says that the doctor violated the trust of his patients. mike hellgren, wjz, eyewitness news. mike, touch -- thank you. eric holder is looking into the rupert murdoch hacking scandal. he'll meet with the family members of 9/11 victims.
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the british tabloid was shutdown. on capitol hill, the house is set to vote on a plan. john boehner's plan would increase the borrowing limit and slash spending. if passed, the democrats would reject it. if you fly, you may be eligible for a refund. those who paid taxes on tickets shouldn't have to. the government is asking airlines to refund the tax fees. >> cell phones, are they safe for children? kai jackson explains a new study and some aren't convinced. >> reporter: they're popular with adults and now, a growing number of kids use them.
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mobile phones are big business, but the safety is questionable. now, it's said that using a cell phone for a few years doesn't raise the child's risk of brain cancer. >> i like to call my mom and text my friends. >> reporter: swedish researchers looked at brain cancer patients and they weren't more likely to be cell phone users. >> i'm more concerned about the stuff i'm breathing in in the city rather than my cell phone. >> reporter: the study falls short. it doesn't look at the long term impact of the use. >> reporter: if there's concern about young people and mobile phone use, parents should evaluate the usage. >> the child that uses the cell phone at 7 and 12, when they're 47, after four decades of using
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the cell phone, is the risk highier? >> reporter: some of the other ways to make sure that the children are safe, use the speaker or hands free options or your ear buds. now, back to you. in may,the world health organization called for further studies. so, it's back to work for ravens players. they'll be reporting to training camp for the first time this summer. the washington redskins will have a different quarterback. mcnabb is leaving. the o's couldn't repeat their magic last night. they didn't score a single run. the final score, 3-0. and this weekend, the o's continue the road trip against the new york yankees.
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we'll bring you the games at 1:00 here on wjz. i blame the heat! >> do you? >> the miami basketball team? >> yes, for the orioles. i don't know. >> will, we were talking earlier about what merchandisers do in place of all of the jerseys that are leaving. among the three veterans not on the team returning -- well, roger mentioned, keep the jerseys, the ravens are going to be probably putting them in the ring of honor. he's talking about all three. keep the jerseys, they'll be legends and in the ring of honor soon enough. that's what roger says. a lot of folks probably agree. a lot of people have heap's
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gurs cit -- jerseys. >> yeah, we like him. we'll be like run, matt! >> is that what we'll be saying? >> run, mat! >> reporter: that's how i'm summoned to the office. upstairs, right now! >> i believe it. >> the ominous sound. >> how are you guys doing now? we're good, how about you? >> reporter: we're at russell street and pickle's pub. we're also at oriole park and camden yards. we're talk about the brooks robinson statue. we have a preview when we return. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's been pretty humid today. winds are calm and we'll shift to the west and south west. it's almost 80 degrees towards d.c..
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79 in the nation's capital. we're getting variable winds around the rest. uniformly, we'll shift to the west and south west. we have a front to the north, making its way to the great lakes. we're in the middle of the warm front. the temperatures will warm up over the next few days. we have tropical storm don, that's making its way and setting its sites on the south west shores of texas. they could really use the rain. this system is going to bring enough moisture that we'll get a few clouds out of it. widely scattered thundershowers throughout the weekend because of another front. don is expected to make landfall as a minimal tropical storm, not expected to increase strength before making landfall saturday and sunday. we'll keep you posted on that. they could use the rain down there.
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hot and humid conditions stay with us. we'll stay out of the triple digit range and we'll go back into the low 90s. the sunset is at 8:22 and south wind at 5 to 10 knots. we have 92 degrees and partly sunny and hot and humid. 72 degrees and partly cloudy skies and near 100 degrees tomorrow. 98 will be the hype don't be alarmed by the scattered showers. 92 and 94 for monday and tuesday. tim, thank you. now, over to sharon gibala at traffic control. good morning, share -- sharon. well, we picked up one accident. it's fire activity between kennedy and rob street. watch for the equipment in the road. watch for delays. you name the road, everything's at full speed. we can look at the
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northwestside of the beltway. it's still running nicely at greenspring. no issues on 95 either. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. you'll find quality cars and trucks. back to you, jessica and tim. >> all right, sharon, thank you. >> back to mr. ron matz at the newest attraction in town. hi, ron. >> reporter: hey, tim and jess. we're by pickles pub. it's fair to say that brooks robinson is one of the most beloved athletes of all time in baltimore. the johnny u statue is here and right behind me is the brooks robinson statue. it's across from camden yards. >> look at who we immortalize.
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at the stadium. now, the 5th statue, gold glove, mvp, brooks robin son. >> he's on top of the base and 9 feet tall and fielding a ground ball and looking to throw it in the direction of the ballpark. >> a 1500-pound likeness of the human vacuum cleaner. this likeness made by the artist who made the pope statue downtown. he'll be on city land, a major gateway to baltimore. >> so when people come into the city, they're welcomed by brooks. it establishes his status as an iconic baltimore citizen. >> the bases are poured and the granite is installed. take a picture of the bar codes here and you'll get more
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information about brooks. >> reporter: a hundred years from now, when people won't know as much about him, this way, they'll be able to get the information. >> reporter: we're back live, here at the site of the statue, across from oriole park and camden yards. mike gibbons. good morning to you. >> great to see you, ronnie. >> reporter: let's talk about brooks first. when you meet him, you fall in love with the guy. for me, growing up as a kid and watching him play -- i got to meet him, he was the greatest. >> he was the most extraordinary athlete. he was great as an athlete and better as a person. these guys are celebrities and hounded on, he handled it well. he loves people. >> everyone my age has a brooks
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robinson autograph and a lot of people are named brooks. >> absolutely. >> reporter: let's talk about the statue here. people are driving by here. he's going to welcome them to baltimore. >> he's an iconic figure in the city. he gave us our identity when we didn't have one. it started baltimore on our way through sports to make us who we are today. it's a pretty good city and he had a lot to do with it. >> reporter: let's talk about the man who's helping to make it possible, he's leading the effort. he's henry rosenburg. >> henry hired brooks and they worked together for over 30 years. so much charity work and good work.
6:22 am
and they love each other. he's the guy behind the statue. he's given us so much. give back to brooks and let's finish the project off. this is the brooks robin son statue website, make a contribution to help. >> we're asking people to donate with a 5 involved $5 or $55. >> saturday, october -- the unveiling of the statue. >> thank you. >> reporter: all right, jessica and tim, this is a great project. johnny unitus and now, brooksy
6:23 am
here at camden yards. doesn't get any better. >> thank you. >> and now, they need a ron matz statue in the wjz out back. >> that's well deserved. that needs to be go up. a ship is coming in! take a look at the return of the enchantment of the seas coming back from the bahamas. >> do you think they're happy to be back? these sweet honey clustery things have fiber? fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one! i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great. it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll love it. yeah, this is pretty good. are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyond recognition. fiber one.
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good morning, i'm live in baltimore county the police say they've busted an international proos constitution ring -- prostitution ring. going in depth with joe flacco. i'm mark viviano with more of what joe's saying. that's next. still, no major issues on the roadways. we'll go down the list of the minor ones. in for marty bass in the
6:27 am
first warning weather center. it will be a nice day. we'll have the forecast, coming up. he was dgggie houser and she was on "grow." we'll talk about the,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everyone. we're looking at temperatures around 72 degrees. we have a code orange air quality alert. that's in western maryland and towards hagerstown. the eastern shore isn't affected by this, either. we're all going to be impacted by the temperatures going up to 92 degrees today.
6:31 am
tonight, 72 degrees and tomorrow, up to triple digits and the heat index in the low 100s. tim, thank you. now, over to sharon with traffic control. hi, there, jessica. only two issues out there. both are minor. one is an accident just in to us in annapolis. it's on great oaks drive. watch for fire activity in the street. that's between kennedy and homestead street. meantime, there are speeds around the beltway. they're all at full speed with a minor delay on the westside. this is 51 miles per hour. here's a live look outside. that's running smoothly. the northwestside running good. the sun glare could be a factor. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota, buy right the first time and save more in the long
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run. back to you, jessica. sharon, thank you. a possible suspect is pursued in the triple murder and arson of baltimore. >> reporter: in the 4300 block of nicolas avenue, a look at the scene where one of the victims was shot in the head and two others were shot on the second floor. >> >> she was still breathing when they got her out. she died at the hospital. >> reporter: one neighbor called 911 two hours before the arson. >> the police officers came and didn't go inside. >> we have to be careful not to judge what the officers did
6:33 am
with the benefit of hindsight. >> the police would have aired on the side of trying to go inside the house. >> reporter: as the officers responded to the 911 call were knocking on the door, was the killer still inside >> we have good physical evidence from the scene. >> reporter: the police report strong leads. the 58-year-old homeowner could have been an innocent victim. he had never had a run in with the law. >> the woman killed had a criminal record and so did her boyfriend. the virginia police want you to look at this video of a man who's been slashing women's behinds in the mall. an 18-year-old says she was stabbed in a clothing store this past week.
6:34 am
>> closer to home, an international prostitution ring is busted. andrea fujii has more in overly. >> reporter: good morning, jessica and everyone. from the outside, this house was called a massage parlor. on the inside, it was an illegal brothel. inside an unassuming house, the federal agents say that women were forced to sell their bodies. this video is from the house in pennsylvania. it's one of four homes women were shuffled to and from. the women were moved around every two weeks to offer men variety. it was a massage parlor and it was always open at night. >> reporter: it was called the elite spa. women came from china and korea
6:35 am
and other asian country -- countries. >> reporter: customers paid $50 to $60 an hour and the women were only allowed to keep their tips. >> reporter: and this morning, five people are in custody. two of the ring leaders were caught on wiretaps talking about making a million dollars a year. >> reporter: a nonprofit organization estimates 4000 sex parlors around the country. concerns at this nuclear power plant. federal inspectors found several security deficiencies earlier this year and further scrutiny may be needed. the nuclear group operates the plans. they say it has already corrected the problem. >> president obama will announce new fuel economy standards for cars and light trucks.
6:36 am
it will effect 2017-2025. the minimum mileage will be increased to 54 miles per gallon. the u.s. house votes on a plan to raise the nation's debt ceiling today. time is running out. >> reporter: john boehner's plan is hours away from its first key test. later on today, the house will vote on the measure. it increases the borrowing limit by 9 high pressure billion dollars while slashing $900 billion in spending. we're in a volatile situation. every member needs to be confident. >> reporter: the plan is gaining momentum after wednesday when john boehner urged republicans to get in line. i'm now leaning yes. >> reporter: even if the
6:37 am
measure cleared the house, it may not get far. the senate democrats call it a nonstarter and say it won't get a single democratic vote. >> it doesn't matter if his bill passes, it fail. we need to ignore the extremists and meet in the middle of the road. >> reporter: harry reed is pushing his own deficit reduction plan which raises the ceiling past next year. both sides have five days to reach a compromise or reach the first ever u.s. default. democrats say they won't support beaneries plan -- john boehner's plan. it could cut medicare. alex trebek ran after a woman who broke into his hotel room and stole his money and
6:38 am
other possessions. the police recovered most of the possessions, but not the bracelet his mother gave to him several years ago. >> christmas comes early for the college of art. according to the baltimore sun, a long time trustee donated $10 million to the school, the largest in history. that will be used to fund scholarships. it's been months of false starts and now, it's time to play football. the ravens will finally open training camp this morning. mark? >> good morning, you could say that joe cool is joe confident. he reflects on an unusual off season.
6:39 am
>> any time you're doing something and money is involved, there's always a business side to it. when you're there on the practice field and there on sunday, it doesn't affect the way you feel about football. you still approach it and it's a lot of fun. it's a lot of fun to run around on grass fields for a living. >> reporter: flacco knows he'll be the center of attention. this off season, he heard the critics that claim he's not elite. he's not championship caliber. he's fired up. >> i don't understand that. people are going to do it. what motivates me is being the best quarter back in the world. you don't play the game to be average. i don't play to be average, but to be the best. it doesn't matter what other people say, i think i'm pretty good. >> he was shocked when he found out they cut heap and mason.
6:40 am
just 15 days until the first preseason game in philly. and michael phelps will be back tonight competing in the 200 medially. he won yesterday's 200 meeting butterfly. and good pitching from the orioles. with little offense, the o's lose to toronto, 3-0. we'll bring you saturday and sunday games here on wjz-13. strictly from the smartest sports person, category, orioles running around in all of the heat and ravens running around and michael phelps, in a pool. he picked the right sport. >> in shanghai. >> you know, he's the one in the right profession now. we're looking at another weekend with temperatures near the triple digits.
6:41 am
hot, humid air is moving through again. just to give you an idea of what's going on, today is a set up of tomorrow. tomorrow, near 100 again. we'll deal with the temperatures again throughout the weekend. we'll have the forecast coming up. and coming up on coffee with, it's the smurfs with kneel patrick -- neil patrick harris. and we have the latest on the morning commute and tim will recheck the weather. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's 72 degrees right now. 64 is the dew point. humidity at 75%. we're looking at a calm wind now. that will shift to the west and south west. we'll bring in warmer air and start heating us up. the barometer is showing that high pressure is in control. 70 in elkton and 71 in ocean city. it will be another nice weekend down on the shore. cooler spots to the west and in portions of the states. the warm spot is near d.c.. that's at 79 now. the winds are variable as far as the directions when they're blowing and we have calm readings on up towards cecil county and over towards easton. we'll watch several dynamics. this is a front that will bring us a little bit of a disturbance that could give us thundershowers into the
6:46 am
afternoon. we have tropical storm don down on the gulf and we have a warm front moving across the region that will allow us to warm up. behind the warm front, we'll have a cold front. the way that plays into the forecast, we'll stay into the warm zone and start to warm up. tropical storm don is minimal around the gulf. expected to set its sites on the south western edge of texas. that's going to provide some much needed rain for the folks. that's a drought for the longest time. they don't need the severe weather or flooding. we'll keep you posted on the advancement of don as it moves towards the mainland. this is how we'll play out saturday and sunday. the cold front moving through here and knocking the temperatures back. we'll be near 100 degrees tomorrow. we'll talk about the lower 90s, well above normal. that's about 87 degrees for this day.
6:47 am
sunset at 8:22 and bay temperature in the mid-80s and 5:30 is the next high tide. 92 degrees and partly sunny and hot and more humid than the last few days. 72 degrees and partly cloudy and humid again. 98 tomorrow with the heat index into the low 100s. 94 on tuesday and overnight lows in the 70s. >> tim, thank you. now, over to sharon with traffic control. if. >> hi, there, jessica. still good morning on the roads. just two issues out there. watch for that accident at great oaks drive and in the city, fire activity on homestead street. speeds overall are looking pretty good. we have minor delays on the westside of the beltway. average speed at 47 miles per hour. that's the look at the delay this morning at old court road. that's the topside looking busy but running at full speed. >> this is brought to you by
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your toyota dealer. back to you, jessica and tim. already, thank you. this morning's coffee with is with neil patrick harris. >> welcome to the eyewitness news morning edition. two of the hottest properties in all of the entertainment. neil, we decided to put jane in this, too. how is it today? >> well, it's great. what a lovely day, look at the view. it's a lovely day in new york. >> they're probably pretty hot up there. hey, listen, we have to be honest with you. i never read the suggested questions. i was looking at your bio. neil, you'll like this. >> is it porn?
6:49 am
>> no, but given this description, trademark, red hair, blazing stair. wait a minute -- >> if you watch her in "glee" she has a beautiful stair. >> i like how you say it, beautiful, not blazing. >> you're from virginia, down the road, right? >> well, it says blazing. >> did you find it hard to work with me because of my blazing stair? >> yeah. in the middle of the scene, it would get hard. do you guys ever break out in song, right in the middle of the set? neil, i was just looking on
6:50 am
youtube, that what you did with hue jackman on the tony awards has a million and a half views now. >> yeah, the tonies was a great night. we had three big fun things that people weren't exing -- expecting. the opening number had like 3 million hits, mostly from my mom and then, the closing wrap, that was a great time. i don't like to sing out of context oddly. i'm not a karaoke guy or lounge singer. i hate that, but i love performing in front of crowds. >> i would ask you if "glee" overtakes you, but i have a minute and i want to talk about "smurfs." >> do it.
6:51 am
>> how much fun was it to do this together? >> i watched the show by default. my mother was a fan and she made me watch. to spite her, i would say that i loved gargamyle. >> i liked the show all right. and the movie came around and it made sense. it was a good match. it's a simple looking match. it's in 3-d and it's nice. it's about nice lessons and more. it's more nostalgic and heart warming than i think people will be expecting. >> and you're going through
6:52 am
this as well? >> yes, we have twin babies. >> and you can take your kids, too. like johnny depp found out. thank you for bringing yourself. it will be a great flick and we'll see you next time on the bird. neil, i loved "perennials." >> oh, thanks. [ man ] did we get anything good? sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet. fiber makes me sad. oh common. i dare you to taste one hint of fiber in fiber one. oh, i'd be able to tell. why don't i just eat this bag? and how can you talk to me about fiber when you are eating a candybar. you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one.
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is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all.
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now, updated weather and traffic. >> >> i want to mention that the satellite interview for the smurfs was furnished by sony pictures. you may want to go to the movies. it will be up near 98 degrees low 100s will be the heat index. now, for a look at the roads, here's sharon gibala with wjz- 13, traffic control. >> hi, there, tim we're getting word of debris of 50 eastbound. also, an accident. watch for fire activity in the city between kennedy and rob street. there's a look at the speeds around the beltway. average speeds are at 45 miles per hour. there's a live look outside at the westside.
6:56 am
there's old court road. there's a live look outside at pairing parkway. this is brought to you by home paramount pest control. call them for more information or go to back to you, jessica. back to the stories making head lines. federal agents busted up an international prostitution ring in baltimore county. the elite spa was a front for a prostitution ring that crossed into several other states. with imfrom several asian countries were brought into the u.s. and forced to work as sex slaves. a baltimore man will spend tomb in prison for killing a police officer over a dispute. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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